VertiFlex is a remote-controlled, motorized, chained, vertical movable glazing system. VertiFlex Up is a guillotine glazing system to create free passing under the system. The system can be used as a moving system in HoReCa, stadium, showroom, and garage glazing. VertiFlex Up is vertically moving to stack on the top, and it can be stopped at any height that the user wants.


High-Security Solutions
with AG SecuMax!
All top-mounted guillotine systems should be designed with a motor brake mechanism to prevent panels from sagging and falling. Apart from the engine braking mechanism used, Vertiflex Up is equipped with a special brake safety mechanism AG Secumax.
Special Design
with Maximum Insulation!
Maximum insulation is provided by using an EPDM gasket and bristle brush in all profiles and panel-profile connections. With
the patented G-Motion system, Vertiflex All Clean® moves quietly and comfortably.
Flexible Solutions
Suitable for Your Space!
Vertiflex UP can optionally be made with 2 or 3 panels. It offers solutions to all needs with a single system platform